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Welcome to the Kootenay Rockies, British Columbia, Canada

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A guide to restaurants in Kootenay Rockies our online guide includes a variety of establishments including Kootenay Rockies Cajun Food and so much more.

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Chef Bernard's Inn and Restaurant

Discover why we are named one of the 20 best in the Pacific Northwest!
Consistently named one of the twenty best restaurants in the Pacific Northwest - Chef Bernard's on the Kimberley Platzl has just been discovered by the rest of North America. Bernard was recently notified his restaurant will receive the cove ted Five Star Diamond Award by the American Academy of Restaurant & Hospitality Sciences as well as a prestigious Chefs award
Platzl, 170 Spokane Ave, Kimberley, BC
 P: (250) 427-2433

Kootenay Rockies Cajun Food